Custom designed metal products

We’re a creative bunch of kiwis crafting cool stuff in metal. We care about what we do, how it’s done, and most especially, what you think of it.

Let’s make it easy. Mayer & Toye’s expertise in designing intricate and unique metal products makes it simple for you to turn a concept into a reality within a matter of weeks.

Even if you are struggling with an initial idea, we are an innovative team that would love to help you get started and explore all of your options.

We bring your ideas to life

First and foremost we are designers. We love moving through the design process, all the way from project conception to creation.

Mayer & Toye’s experienced in-house design team gives us a competitive strength in our ability to transform flat graphics into physical metal products you can wear and hold.

We understand that no two customers or jobs are the same, which means we design every project individually with your ideas and desires at the forefront of every job. Our ultimate goal is to to design and create a beautiful metal product that you are completely satisfied with.

Whatever your needs, we can help

No matter what industry or market you are in, we are able to design something that fits the criteria you are looking to meet. Whether you are looking to make a product for a fundraiser, festival, school, or corporate event, we have experience in creating something beautiful in metal that fulfils your specific objectives.