Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

Tailored to your requirements, formed in metal, and made by experts of the craft. Whatever shape, size or quantity — we’d be delighted to help.


Symbols of identity

Whatever your insignia or emblem, we can form a customised coin for any requirement, and to exacting standards.


Military challenge coins

Tap into our expertise and work with us to create your custom challenge coins. No matter the occasion, we can meet your standards and create something beautiful. If you want to break the mould and create a challenge coin specific to your division or company’s culture, we’re the perfect design team to help.


Commemorative and event coins

Have a date in mind you’d like to commemorate? A heavy, quality commemorative coin made by the experts at Mayer and Toye will make an impressive and valuable gift that will last forever. Our commendation coins won’t ever leave your pocket.


Coins with packaging

We have multiple packaging options from the luxury to the practical. Whether a customised velvet display box for a special commemorative event, or a clean and simple perspex case to keep the lint off your lucky coin, we have options to suit everyone.