Custom Medals

Custom Medals

Tailored to your requirements, formed in metal, and made by experts of the craft. Whatever shape, size or quantity — we’d be delighted to help.

Winning is great, remembering is better.

No matter what the event, Mayer and Toye are experts at providing classic and contemporary medallions. Whether for the top tier, or for every finisher, we can design a memorable medal that will last.


Sport event medals

Mayer and Toye proudly specialises in turning sporting medals into works of art. If you want medals that will get your organisation’s vision out to the world, as well as make your winners and participants feel extra victorious, get a quote from us today.


Medals of distinction

Our military style medals of distinction can be made in a range of high quality finishes or precious metals. Talk to us about our high end range of packaging options for an extra elegant touch.


Competition medals

From maths to Mah Jong, the Team at Mayer and Toye have created medal options in every shape and size, and for every budget. We can do award or finishers medals for any event. The medals Mayer and Toye creates are far from your average trophy store finds. We specialise in high quality designs and finishes.


Dance event medals

Mayer and Toye’s elegant solutions to dance event medals speak for themselves. We customise event medals to every form of dance, from ballet, to ballroom, to interpretive and more. No matter your academy or institution, Mayer and Toye will work with you to create gorgeous medals at any budget.