What else?

What else?

Tailored to your requirements, formed in metal, and made by experts of the craft. Whatever shape, size or quantity — we’d be delighted to help.


Bottle openers

A memorable promotional product

Every company needs a clever promotional tool that its clients want to keep. Personalised bottle openers are a perfect way to be remembered. The promotional items we offer are different. We prize quality and form your brand in the product itself.

Promotional bottle openers

Looking to give your customers a gift that brings a smile to their faces? Promotional bottle openers not only get used, they get shared. They’re a great way to spread your brand’s message. Whatever design you have in mind, we’ll be able to create a custom bottle opener that brings joy to your customer. Our bottle openers are also extra strong and designed to withstand years of use.

Retail bottle openers

Test our creativity. Bottle openers are one of those tools you can get creative with. We’re more than happy to hear your ideas, no matter how wild.

Intricate detail

If you’re looking for that extra finesse, our team have the experience in design and craft that you’re looking for. We love to go the extra mile to create something unique and beautiful to look at. You’ll be amazed at the quality we can achieve at a great price. Pick up the phone and let’s chat about how we can make your wildest ideas into reality.


Belt Buckles

Stand out

Personalised belt buckles are the perfect way to show that you belong to your entity. Our in-house designers can help you create the perfect belt buckle; whether for retail, a club, or your very own catwalk show.

Club belt buckles

You and your mates’ favourite designs and slogans will look even better crafted into solid, quality metal belt buckles. You choose the colours, shape and finish. Motorcycle and car club members can chat to our experienced design team – together we’ll create something enduring that you can treasure.

Retail belt buckles

Give your ideas life with creative buckles that your customers will love. From popular designs to the wacky and detailed, we can help you form any idea into metal. Belt buckles are unique and interesting items that will give your store something extra that customers will remember.

Fashion belt buckles

Looking to expand your brand with quality metal items? Custom belt buckles aren’t everywhere. Be daring and individualistic. Distinguish yourself with a beautifully formed design that will excite your customers’ interest.

Military belt buckles

We have a longstanding relationship with military organisations across Australasia and the Pacific and will work diligently to meet your specifications. Whatever your insignia or emblem, we’ll work with you to create a quality buckle that shows your identity and meets exacting standards.


Grille Badges

A piece of history

Classic memorabilia for any significant car or motorcycle rally, Mayer and Toye grille badges are a great way to remember the event years later.

Custom designed logos

Take your obsession to the next level with custom grille badges. Get your brand out there and be remembered with your logo front and centre on the grille. Your design will be executed with incredible attention to detail and any metal finish you desire. Be prepared to impress.

Car and motorcycle rallies

Automotive rallies are the occasion to customise your ride with a grille badge of your own design. Get your group on board and show your affiliation with completely unique and stand-out grille badges that will keep you front and centre.

Retail grille badges

No roaring engine is complete without the perfect grille badge. Tap into the automotive market and entice motorheads to your store by customising your own grille badges with Mayer and Toye. We’re always on hand to talk through your design ideas and budget. Simply use our Get a quote form, call us, or email us today.