Mayer & Toye Limited Terms & Conditions

Delivery Commitment

We will endeavour to meet your delivery date requirements. At the time of order, we will assess the timeline required and provide an estimated delivery date. Mayer and Toye Limited cannot accept any liability or responsibility for failing to meet any estimated delivery date where delays in delivery have arisen outside of the control of Mayer and Toye Limited.

Credit accounts

Mayer and Toye Limited, at its sole discretion, may extend credit terms to approved organisations on completion of a credit application and trade referee check. We reserve the right to set a credit limit. We also reserve the right to withdraw the extension of credit terms. First orders for new clients will require payment in advance before any goods will be produced.

Ownership of goods

In establishing an account with Mayer and Toye Limited and receiving credit terms, you are agreeing that ownership of all dispatched goods remain the property of Mayer and Toye Limited until payment (including any debt and interest costs) is received in full.

Payment terms

You will pay our invoices by the 20th of the month following the date of the invoice unless alternative arrangements have been made with us.
Creative design services are charged at an hourly rate. Any design services that are quoted and undertaken will be invoiced within 2 weeks of completion of the design services if we are still waiting on your approval to proceed with production.
In the event that we need to take action to collect unpaid amounts owing, you agree that you will be charged for the cost of doing so. We will pass on to you all costs incurred to collect the unpaid amounts owing.

Credit card payments

Our invoices can be paid by credit card. Credit card payments will incur a fee.

Payment by cheque for international accounts
We accept cheques in foreign currency.


When you place an order with Mayer and Toye Limited, you warrant that you are authorised to place that order on your own behalf or on behalf of a company or other legal entity. You also warrant that you have all the permissions or authority required to request us to make any products that include intellectual property rights.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

Mayer and Toye Limited does not accept any liability when producing products that include any intellectual property rights, such as a trade mark, copyright or design rights. You agree to indemnify us from any claim or alleged claim against Mayer and Toye Limited, its employees, its agents, or its directors where an allegation of infringement of intellectual property rights has been made as a direct result of our production of products from your order.


Mayer and Toye Limited will make every effort to reduce waste in processing and packing your order. However, each item of your order will be wrapped in plastic for product protection purposes. If you wish to avoid the packaging of each item in plastic Mayer and Toye Limited will agree to do so, however, we cannot accept any liability for scratches or product damage arising as a result of any item not being wrapped in plastic.

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